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High Temperature Coating

THERMSHIELD is high temperature coating used where high temperature applications are needed. THERMSHIELD is stable upto 600C and protects the substrate from deterioration at high temperature.

Product features

  • Excellent Heat Resistant Properties
  • Excellent Resistance to Oxidation
  • Excellent Resistance to U V Radiation
  • Excellent Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Excellent Scratch & Abrasion Resistance

Recommended use

High tremperature coatings on steel items exposed to temperatures up to 600C, e.g. exhaust pipes, engine parts, silencers, etc., THERMSHIELD offers excellent Aging & weathering resistance coupled with resistance to chemicals and is used to protect the metal components & structure in the most aggressive conditions at elevated temperatures.

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High Temperature Coatings - Technical Data Sheet

High Temperature Coatings