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Insulation Coating


FUNCTION :-  Single component, air drying, Self-Priming,
 Electric Insulation Coating For Electrical and Electronic Industries.
CHEM.COMP. :- Thermoplastic copolymer
COLOUR :- Red, Yellow, Blue & Clear
  1. One Component, Ready to Use System
  2. High Electric, strength :- 55 Kv / mm
  3. Excellent Oil Resistance
  4. Excellent Flame Retardancy

  5. Resistance to  Acids, Alkalies, and Chemicals
  6. Good abrasion and scratch resistance
  7. Thermally Stable up to 2000 C
  8. Quick drying at room temperature
  9. Effectively coats sharp edges, projections of the surface to be applied. 
  1. Simple application by Brush or Spray technique
  2. Single handed operation; No skill manpower
  3. No special surface treatment before application
  4. Application on surfaces having any geometry eg. Busbar bends, Fish Plates, Radiator Fuses etc.
  5. Cost effective as compared to conventional methods.
a) Reduce Tank Clearance.
b) Reduce Insulation Between Frame And Core
c) Reduce Insulation Between H.V & L.V. Leads.
d) Reduce Clearance Between Bushing To Termination Box.
e) Reduce Clearance Between Bare Bushing And Conservator.
f) Reduce Clearance Between Terminals In Air/Oil .
g) Protect Epoxy Terminals/Post Insulator Form Uv Rayes. 
 1.Electrical equipments where phase to phase / phase to earth clearances are critical.
 2. To form insulated Bus - bar systems.
 3. For indoor as well as outdoor installations to avoid flashovers due to vermin or moisture entry.
 4. To reduce the leakage current through the body of outdoor as well as indoor installations.
  • Application on Bush on, Raisers and Breakers Arms.
  • Application on Bus Bars in Control Panels to increase electrical strength
  • As an Ideal Replacement of PVC insulation sleeves on Bus bars in control panels
Outdoor Applications :
  • Feeder Pillars - On Bus bars and terminals to avoid flashover due to rains or vermin entries.
  • Pole Junctions and current carrying wires to avoid Bird faults and to prevent illeagal connections.
Comparison with Heat Shrinkable PVC Sleeves
Sr.No. Parameters PVC Sleeves Insulect
1 Form Tubings Free Flowing Liquid
2 Colour RYB RYB
3 Application Putting tube on Busbar and controlled heating for shrinkage. Simple spray technique with conventional spray tools.
4 Criticality of application Skill Operation
a) Chances of burning during heating process.
b) Changes of air bubble formation between sleeves & busbar.
Non-skill operation & convenient process
a) Quick drying at room temperature.
b) No change to air bubble formation.
5 Surface of application Not applicable on bend busbar, twisted busbars and on the shapes other than straight.
Not convenient for busbars having long length.
Geometry of busbars is not constrained, can be applied on 
any shape & size of busbars.
6 Puncture resistance Poor. Excellent.
7 In case of damage Calls for complete replacement. Touch up possible at damaged areas.
8 In case of fire Releases harmful chlorine gas. Melts without any harmful release.
9 Inventory Huge inventory as per sizes of busbars Low inventory.
10 Dielectric strength 2.5 KV 80 micron - 5 KV
1 mm - 55 KV
11 Heat dissipation property Satisfactory Satisfactory
12 Thermal Stability Staple uo to 210oC
13 Additional Features Excellent Resistance to Chemicals & Corrosion / Oxidation
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