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Anti Corrosion Coatings


FUNCTION :-  Single component, air drying, Self-Priming, Anti corrosion coatings for ferrous and non ferrous metals
CHEM.COMP. :- Thermoplastic copolymer
COLOUR :- As desired
  1. One Component, Ready to Use System
  2. Excellent Water repellency and lowest moisture absorption
  3. Resistance to  Acids, Alkalies, and Chemicals
  4. Good abrasion and scratch resistance
  5. Thermally Stable up to 2000 C
  6. Quick drying at room temperature
  7. Good U.V. Radiation resistance.
  8. Greater surface coverage.
1. Single Pack – Ready to Use System- No mixing operation
2. Quick Drying at Room Temp.- No need of Oven Baking
3. Self Priming – No need to Apply Primer
1. Saves Cost - Economical Than Conventional, Protective paint systems, No Wastage of paint
2. Saves Labor – Speedy Operation
3. Saves Time – Quick Drying Properties, Reduces Delivery Time, Increases Production
4. Increases Safety with Flame Proof Grades
Protective paint for Equipments, Structural Steel, Machinery, Industrial Valves, Motors, Pumps, Control Panels, Transformers, Solar Systems, Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Thermal Power Complexes, Refineries, Thermal Power Plants and related applications.
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